At some point, all milk drinkers have it experienced it, sour milk. And that stinks. Maybe it wasn’t stored properly at home or too much was purchased at a time, but most can agree that it’s not fun to have to throw away that milk. Here are some tips to keep milk fresher for longer from the time you visit the market to the time it is in the fridge.

  1. At the grocery store, pick up milk near the end of your shopping trip. This way the milk doesn’t warm up while you finish shopping.
  2. Pick the milk with the farthest out “sell by” date. Sell date and expiration date are different. Generally, there’s a three to five day window after the “sell by” date passes that the milk will remain fresh. But once milk has been opened, that date may change based on storage.
  3. Only purchase what you can consume. For example, if your family is going on vacation later in the week, maybe it’s a good idea to only purchase a half gallon of milk instead of the usual gallon.
  4. Store milk on refrigerator shelves rather than in the door. Shelves stay colder than doors.
  5. Check your refrigerator temperature. Milk should be stored at around 40 degrees.
  6. Store milk in its original container.
  7. If milk has been left out of refrigeration for more than two hours, it’s best to throw this milk away.
  8. Milk can be frozen for up to 6 weeks without flavor alteration. Freezing generally works better with skim or low fat milk versus whole because during thawing, milk can separate and lose its smooth texture. Always thaw frozen milk in the refrigerator.

These tips were originally provided by If you have questions about our milk or milk storage, feel free to contact the creamery at 608-837-7766.